skills used

Mobile Design

Booklet Design

Event Planning

Project Highlights

Created State-wide Campaign

Prototyped Ecommerce App

Deliverables For Major Event

The Client

Soulection is a record label, radio host on Itunes and Beats 1 radio, and lifestyle brand located in Lost Angeles, California. They promote equality, individuality, and a new wave of electro-funk music. The result is a group of creative individuals possessing soul like none other, and people love it. Check out their website here.

The Project

I branded a summer tour for the Soulection label, as well as came up with a conceptual message that highlighted their belief in equality and progressive thinking. Titled "Save the Golden State", the series of concerts and tours were geared towards uniting the state of California. The tours were to be held in equidistant locations to allow access to everyone in the Golden State to attend at least one show. The final event was held simultaneously in Los Angeles and San Francisco, with large monitors displaying a live performance of the opposite city. This way, these two classic rivaled cities could become united for a night. I designed many of the visual elements, including a custom app for viewing events/purchasing tickets, event posters and flyers, illustrations of the artists, a mailer package sent to VIP ticket holders, concert tour t-shirts, and a brand book for the owners of Soulection to reference for future events. 

Keeping It Soulful

Research into the audience of Soulection yielded music listeners who take their audio experiences seriously. It was imperative to create an atmosphere of authenticity for this campaign. I crafted the visual aesthetics of the brand with notes of a vintage era, and chose to include iconic deliverables such as tour dated t-shirts and classic CD's of Soulection tracks, which were included in the VIP package.