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The Mission

Solar Metric is an ios application that empowers home solar owners to get the most out of their system. Its primary function is to track daily, monthly, and yearly energy production and estimated savings based on region/city. Planning to install solar panels? Solar Metric can also predict the best locations/angles for panels based on the sun’s trajectory. Most importantly, Solar Metric is a community. The app allows other SM users in their area to connect and share their personal best days/times of power generation (and maybe encourage a little friendly competition?). Whether you’re an existing home solar owner, or looking to start, Solar Metric is your go-to tool for energy monitoring. Solar Metric: Energy made mobile.

The Project

The end goal for this application was a more user-friendly UI than the current home solar market leader, SolarCity, and I believe this was accomplished. The app features real-time tracking of energy production and savings from home-solar systems, powerful tools for insights, and an emphasis on social interaction and a little friendly, neighborly competition. All of these features have been neatly packaged into a bright and user-centered structure of information architecture and visual design.

Insights & Weather Pages

Application Mapping

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Wireframes: Social Tab, Insight Articles, & Settings