skills used

brand development

mobile design

website design

Project Highlights

launched brand Successfully

improved online sales by 35%

Increased web traffic by 100%

The Client

One of One is a reclaimed fashion line based in Portland, Oregon. Their mission is to reduce cotton clothing waste by reusing and reclaiming existing fabrics to create modern, one-of-a-kind garments. One of One also works with local charities to clothe those in need, and raise awareness about the wasteful flaws in the garment industry. The line is not officially released, but they are currently offering products via the website, 1of1apparel.com. 

The Project

This was a full-service project, with my primary involvement being the development of their E-commerce website. Secondary work included the creation of their logo  (seen below), wireframing for their future app, and designing initial deliverable items (Hang Tags, Apparel Neck Tags). Therefore, most of my developments with One of One focused on straightforward usability, generous use of white space, and lack of bright colors. This encouraged the imagery to be more present and memorable. 

Fast Fashion image 1.jpg
Our initial discussion yielded that One of One wanted to distinguish themselves from other secondhand retailers such as Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads. The goal was to remove all previous notion of "Thrifted" items, and instead provide a curated snapshot of "Reclaimed" items. It was our consensus that the high-fashion, hand-crafted garments would sell most effectively if paired with a minimal black and white branding for the logo and tagging. Vogue, Daniel Patrick Apparel, and John Elliott were inspirations.

Logo Design

The client expressed an interest in a logo similar to those of high fashion magazines. The design was to be all black, very minimal with high-contrast letter forms, and evoke a sense of elitism. The font choice was Didot, and Vogue Magazine's logo was our reference. 

App Wireframing

Although the website was developed to be mobile-responsive, we decided to wireframe a separate 1of1 app as a future, "Blue Sky" idea. The app was to function as a simple mobile shopping platform, running blog, and option for customers to submit requests for pieces of clothing. My role was to plan information architecture, map the application's functions, and present an interactive template of the app, which you can watch below.