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skills used

Adobe XD Prototyping

Iconography/ Design

User Experience

Project Highlights

Developed all visuals (logo, app, icons)

Assisted in launching startup

Project completion less than 1 month

The Mission

Anthony came to me with an incredible vision: To create an app that assists low-income families with healthy meal prepping, dieting (the right way), and creating a platform to encourage a more stable lifestyle. Enter Nosh: The where healthy eating and affordable budget meet. The app, set to release in 2019, will feature a comprehensize meal plan and grocery list, which can be tailored to fit dietary restrictions and weekly budgets during the user's introductory setup. Future plans for the startup will include a location-based list of grocery stores in the user's area which can fulfill their weekly shopping needs on or under-budget, and a Nosh community for sharing recipes.

The Project

The goal for the Nosh app was to create an inviting atmosphere for all users. Market research has shown that American-based low-income families are the least likely category to engage in activites such as healthy meal-prepping and to creating sustainable dietary patterns. This can be largely attributed to the American stereotype that sustainable healthy cooking for a family can only be achieved at a substantial cost. After researching forerunners/competitors, it was clear that most websites or applications within this category relied on a cheap and unorganized system of branding and poor user-centered design practices. This weakness in the market encouraged us to pursue a hyper-organized, colorful approach to making healthy meal-prepping approachable to all. I worked closely with the company founder, Anthony, to develop an Adobe XD-based iOS prototype, workflow mapping, as well as the company logo variations, branding, and brainstorming future applications of the Nosh entity. You can view current updates regarding the App's launch date here.

Nosh Logo mockup 2.png

Logo Variations